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Paper Hearts - Yoonmin

Prompt from sugapark: Where Yoongi walks in on (or just watches) Jimin dance to Paper Hearts

(song link here, dance here)

A/N: a little different from the prompt… whoops. Also sorry for making you wait so long OTL


Goodbye love, you flew right by love

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Anonymous said:


name a time and place girl i’ll bring scented oils and rose petals just for you

Dawn - Namjoon

Some people don’t think of birthdays as particularly important. Just another day, just another number. Nothing changes, just arbitrary units of time.

Namjoon is not one of those people.

Neither is he the type to throw giant celebrations, proclaiming to the world that he is, indeed, alive, that he has graced the world with another year of his greatness, and that they should all recognize his importance upon this earth. No, he doesn’t want that either.

To him, birthdays are sacred. They are days that should be spent with oneself, with family, quietly remembering the past, the experiences that have led you to this day, the hopes and dreams for the coming year.

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"It’s sweet when someone remembers every detail about you - not because you keep reminding them - but because they pay attention to you."
- Live Life Happy (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Your Colours - Yoonmin


Based on this prompt. TW: character death. Horrible writing.

Yoongi meets person after person and prays his world will never burst into colour.

He cares for patient after patient, the ones that are not long for this world, the ones that most likely can’t be saved and are just patiently waiting for death. He greets them and smiles at them even with the knowledge that he may never see them again.

He meets person after person and smiles at patient after patient with the knowledge that if his world changes, it will change back to monochrome all too soon.


Jimin sees the same people day after day and prays nobody will see colour when they look at him.

You can’t miss what you don’t have, they say. But he misses the colours he knows he could have.

He longs for colour himself, desperately wants to see the rainbow of hues across his vision even for just a second before he dies, but that’s selfish. Too selfish.

How can he ask for colour, when he’ll take away someone else’s colour when he dies?

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Anonymous said:
How would the boys react if you fell asleep on their shoulder? They like you.


7 drabbles (100 word stories) based on the scenarios above (The member directly below is the one that falls asleep on them)
(Note: sorry for the screwy formatting -_-)

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Whenever I see people saying they ship Jackson from GOT7 with Park Jimin (from AOA, but they don’t always mention it) I immediately picture Jackson cuddling with Park Jimin from BTS and it’s glorious.

I thought he’s shipped with Park Jimin from 15& not AOA?

Anyways jfc I started tagficcing this and then it got out of hand-

No but actually I ship this kind of too hard already like I have scenarios and shit playing out in my head-

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After - Minhyun


[[First foray into 100% fanfiction. Please don’t kill me.
Pairing: Minhyun (??? what even are ship names? MinhooxRokhyun)]]

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Someone kill me I’m going to jail for this-

baetan I hope this works.

WARNING: NSFW. VERY NSFW. SO NSFW IT HURTS. Bondage. Spanking. JungkookxYou.

Oh- and please let’s assume Jungkook is at least 21yo by Western standards and is in a loving committed relationship and this is entirely consensual and for the record their safe word is eggplant-

I’m going to hell.

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